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Alexandra e Davide


I recommend Marta with closed eyes! We had the pleasure of having her as our wedding planner, and she followed us for over a year with great professionalism, making our day exactly as we dreamed it. Everything was taken care of down to the smallest detail, and it went exactly as they promised us! Thank you, thank you again!

Carlotta e Alessandro

Marta brought to life a dream I didn't even know I had: a Harry Potter themed wedding. At one point, I started to resent the festivities and was so afraid for my wedding day. But Marta made me cry, she made me understand how beautiful it is to celebrate and share happiness with others. She stood by my side, always: during the happy days and during the crises.

The theme of our wedding enchanted her, and we always went along with it. She created something spectacular. She brought to life a spectacle as well as an unforgettable event. It was the wedding you want to attend, the wedding that will always be remembered. I'm not kidding; a masterpiece was created that left every guest speechless, and everyone said they had never been to a wedding like it before. The food was fabulous, the venue stunning, but what really moved everyone were all the Harry Potter references: the talking hat as the seating chart, the menu resembling the Marauder's Map, Hogwarts letters as decorations. Not to mention the elegance of the flowers and furnishings. But a special mention goes to the setup of the dining hall, where Marta and her team outdid themselves. It truly felt like being in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. We had candles hanging, and at one point, she even managed to perfectly reproduce a thunderstorm. It was magical. Applause and astonished guests! I don't know how I would have done it without her; I don't know how I would have done it without a wedding planner. It was the most beautiful experience of my life.


Paola e Nicolò

Marta: a wonderful woman inside and out. Her great professionalism and passion for her work are evident from the start. Always attentive to every detail, deeply empathetic, candid, sincere, and precise. Despite her young age, she boasts a decade of experience in the field and has nothing to envy to older colleagues... We would like to remarry again to relive the journey we made together and experience that day, which lasted too short, with Marta by our side, of course. 🤍

Valentine e David

The ideal wedding planner in every way.

We were incredibly lucky to find Marta to prepare our wedding... She is very attentive and understands her clients' tastes very well, she doesn't count her hours and strives to provide the personalized service that all future spouses dream of. Marta also has a good network and is always sincere about the value for money of the services offered. A truly devoted professional whom you can trust completely and who has now become a friend!


Andrisa e Marco

I got married on Lake Como, the most beautiful day of my life and this was also thanks to Marta's extraordinary work. To think that when I started organizing the wedding with my husband I thought: but why should I pay for a wp? I do. Then immediately afterwards I realized that it wasn't like that, I had several interviews but Marta struck me straight away, those eyes that express passion, dedication and love in what she does. Throughout the preparation process she was close to me in my choices, she acted as my psychologist many times and was available at any time and day, always ready with the right solution for us. And what can I say that day he made my dream come true, everything perfect, everything coordinated with great professionalism and with great silence and it was as if they were invisible and always appeared at the right time. During the journey he was able to build a strong relationship with us that we will carry with us as a memory that marked a special moment in our lives, Thank you ❤️
Ps: it goes without saying that I highly recommend it and that for us it was a crucial part in organizing the big day!

Maria Adelaide e Alberto

Magic does exist.

Marta: professional, empathetic, kind, helpful, and competent.
Her presence and patience were crucial! She accompanied us through the organization, guiding and advising us according to our taste. She helped us create a magical and unforgettable moment for us, our families, and our friends. The emotion felt that day is indescribable, and everything went according to plan, even better. The passion she conveys is unique, and she is wonderful! We will never stop thanking you.


Francesca e Marco

If you're seeking original ideas, practicality, style, elegance, and class, with that touch of freshness that sweeps away any sense of "seen it all" or "old", Marta is the wedding planner for you. She became a part of our story from the very beginning, quickly understanding what we would love, and from there, she built our entire wedding piece by piece. She accompanied us through every step, from seemingly trivial matters to the most important ones. She meticulously cared for every small detail of our day, which was (according to all our guests) a continuous surprise. Every corner of the venue perfectly aligned with our tastes... entertainment, cuisine, lighting, flowers... everything tailored just for us! We still don't know how all of this was possible, and perhaps that's her greatest magic. We'll never know how to thank her enough for making our day unforgettable! Not just a simple wedding, but much more!

Carlotta e Alessandro

We couldn't have asked for better!

Marta has always been very professional, clear, and honest, guiding us step by step until the wedding day, fulfilling practically every request of ours. On the wedding day, she orchestrated everything like a perfect conductor.

As we wrote in the title of the review: we couldn't have asked for better! Highly recommended!

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